22 - 24 May, 2018 | London, UK

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The Intoxication of the ‘Art of the Hack’

"Information Operations seeks to master the enemy’s operating space; to limit their ability to act, move and communicate. On the internet, hackers hold a wealth of expertise and experience – yet we have failed to lever them effectively..." Why do hackers hack? Consideration of the psychological and social motivations behind this activity leads us to discover a desire to compensate for an inability to effect change in the ‘real’ world. Alicia Kearns, Director of Global Influence, breaks down the research as part of Defence IQ’s Countering Violent Extremism series.

Conflict in the Information Environment

In this presentation from the 2016 forum Gregory Radabaugh, SES Director, Joint Information Operations Warfare Center, analysised the advancements US joint IO enterprise has made in the face of countering violent extremism - policy, investment and the use of influence during peacetime. 


Information Warfare: The Key to Destroying ISIS

March 2015
Three crucial messages should guide America's fight against ISIS, reports national security expert James P. Farwell. As battles wage in the Middle East, are governments investing as much in information as they are in kinetic operations? Countering extremist propaganda through targeted digital outreach and social media activity are key themes at this year's Countering Violent Extremism conference, with briefings from government and military strategic communications specialists.

Exclusive Content

Influencing the Influencers: Countering extremism with the people who matter

In our recent article on positive counter-messaging, we heard from several experts in the CVE domain who advocate the need for narratives to be communicated from within vulnerable communities, led by the real influencers. However, finding these influencers is just one challenge – bringing them onboard to support and implement a message requires a the right tools, the right techniques, and a level of finesse known only to those with a seasoned understanding of this arena.

Lieutenant Colonel John Wishart, J39 CA Planner, Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAFRICA), will be providing a briefing at the conference on utilizing communication specialists in support of peacekeeping and humanitarian activities, bringing his lessons from countering Boko Haram in Nigeria. Before the event, he spoke with Defence IQ’s Richard de Silva on how to influence the influencers…